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Trima kasih atas di trimanya siswa kami dalam kunjungan industri pd tgl 21 Januari 2009. Semoga mejadikan .....2009-01-25 19:58:03

siiip bagus. gambarnya sering di up date ya ,,,, From:[].....2009-01-24 23:01:28

makin bagus ,,, From:[].....2009-01-24 22:57:25

di ansor silvernya bagus2.. tadi saya beli cincin, pelayanannya bagus.. thx ansor silver.. From:[].....2009-01-11 23:31:50

Nugroho Agung Wibowo
Semoga selalu berjaya Anshor``s Silver !!!!!!! from From:[].....2008-08-16 11:44:59

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Silver Crafts

1. Kinds of silver crafts:

    - Gilapan        : Piece of solid silver

    - Trap/Filigree : Silver wire

2. Material    : - Silver and copper

3. Process of Making Silver crafts

          100% pure silver and 7,5% copper are mixed into one, it is then pattered to get a bar with 92.5 % of silver level. It is the best standart level in making silver crafts. It is needed to know that 100% of pure silver can not directly be used to make silvery stuffs, as it can effect the final result into ungualified, loose and fragile.

    - Gilapan

           The Silver bar is made into flat, after that it is drawm, cut and patterened based on the intended crafts. The crafts then are connected and soldered into one. To make more beautiful, carving motif added. The kinds of Gilapan are spoon, plate, tray and etc.

    - Trap / Filigree

           From the silver bar, it is completed into silver wire, and then designed on the paper based on the crafts that will be created. To make it more beautiful, the internal side of the crafts is decorated with flower drawing or batik. Since it is done, the designs are soldered to make them conected each other. The kinds of the Trap/Filigree such as pin, neclaces, bracelets, miniature, etc.

4. Finishing
          From the result of planning, combining and soldering process, it then is boiled in alum water to make it clean and white. Brushing eith Lerak fruits is the next process to make it brighter and brushed with sangling ( sangling : a refined stell ).

5. Crafts Produced

   - Accessories
( bracelets, rings, earring, brooch, ear stud, etc )

   - Miniature and Wall decoration

   - Other





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